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After 2 years of hard work, my mom and I finally have our 1st PAWFECT ENDINGS  DOG – PATCH!!! He is a 4 year old Papillon/Cavalier mix, with a passionate personality. Patch is a sweetie pie with an enthusiastic take on life! He became part of our pack when his original owners couldn’t care for him – and he ended up in his crate for most of the day (everyday).  Seeing as he needed a forever home, we welcomed him in into our pack.

Patch is super cute and has a sparkle in his eye. He’s one of the gentlest and kindest dogs I’ve known. He enjoys playing with all his toys, snuggling up on big fluffy pillows or sharing a blanket with you. He has a bunch of energy, can jump high, and loves to play around!

Patch was a really nervous dog who didn’t have much training at all before we took him in. The only thing he knew how to do was sit, and even that needed a lot of work. He was barking all the time, didn’t know basic commands, and Patch was even more skittish than he is now. Since he’s been with us, we’ve been working a lot on all these things.

Lately, we’ve worked a lot on the basic commands – sit, down, leave it, wait, and be quiet (that’s a work in progress). Being around our dogs, Daphne, Bree, and Cali, has given Patch an extra boost of confidence! When we took him in, he was unsure of himself, but he still wanted to be the boss. After living with our dogs for a week or so, they “put him his place,” by telling him, this is OUR house, and that he needs to follow the rules. And that helped him find his place in the pack and gain more confidence!

After we witnessed his energy, we thought he needed a job that would calm him down. So, we started teaching him agility (for example,  jumping over things, or walking on top of them), and he seems to enjoy it. Patch can jump really high, and he likes to play around, so this makes agility training a great job for him!

Being comfortable around men, walking confidently around loud noises or big trucks, listening every time, and keeping all paws on the ground when excited are all things that Patch needs to work on. And slowly but surely, we are improving on all of these skills!

There is a few things PE needs to do before Patch is ready to adopt, but in the meantime, check out Patch at!






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  1. natalie dente January 21, 2018

    Hi Anna, loved this piece; patch looks like a fun dog and soon should have a forever home. the videos and the music were fantastic good luck with Pawfectendings grandma natalie

  2. Kurt February 1, 2018

    As amazing as the pictures and videos are, he’s even better in person. And he’s lucky to have you, Anna.


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