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A Fence

A Poem With Pictures

Shallow but deep!

The Case of the Monkey Selfie

Our Trip to Mendocino!

The Story of Patch

Halloween Pictures!

Reading Daphne Post #3 – A Distraction

Being 11 – A Reflection

Reading Daphne 1.2 – What is She Communicating?

Reading Daphne – Post #1 Research!

A New Vaulting Season + A New Team!

Dusk In Avalon!

Dawn in Avalon!

Anna’s Adventures in Edibles – Week 5

Tea Time – Boba With Bree!

Pig Scramble Protest!

Listen, Slowly: By Thanhha Lai

Anna’s Adventures in Edibles – Week 3

Washington D.C. + College Graduation!

Pictures on The Farm (Part 2) – Monkton, Maryland 2017

Pictures on The Farm – Monkton, Maryland 2017

Anna’s Adventures in Edibles – Week 2

Plane Pictures From CA to MD and Back

Anna’s Adventures in Edibles – Week 1

Happy Easter!

Find The Animals!

Swampy Creatures – Fun Facts

Some of My Favorite Dishes: 2016

If You Can Read, You Can Cook? – An Episodic Narrative

Joy: The Foster Puppy

Pictures: Mendocino CA

What Happens To The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center After The Holidays?

Junk Made into Sculptures – In Sonoma

The Christmas Trees of New York


Food Pictures

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