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Anna’s Adventures in Edibles – Week 6


  • No!


  • Not completely 😐 …. I pulled out the strawberry spinach – One, because it was dying – And two, because it was over grown and it didn’t like the strawberries (that was all that was left on the plant).



Abundant – Available in large quantities; plentiful.



  • I have edible things!
  • Overflowing!!!



OVERALL STARS – ************* (13 STARS)

DIRTINESS (while gardening)  –  ***** (5 stars) = I got lots of dirt everywhere when I pulled out the strawberry spinach (especially in my hair)!

BUDDING  – ***** (5 stars) = There are a bunch of mini bell peppers (that are almost ripe), HUGE cucumber lemons, slightly bushier lavender, a bunch of edamame, and sugar plant leaves (which are gross)!

GROWTH  –  *** (3 stars)  = Everything is growing but, getting               sun-burnt 🙁 …




Don’t leave Marco and Dad with plants that need to be harvested…


  1. DO: Pick you vegetables before you leave on a trip in case  your brother and father don’t pick ripe food from the GARDEN when you are gone!
  2. DON’T: Plant sugar plants!

THE News:

Cucumber Lemon:

There seem to be a THOUSAND cucumber lemons! No joke!! See for your self:

Strawberry Spinach:

I didn’t like the taste of the strawberries and the spinach was almost dead so I decided to pull it out! Also, it was strangling the lavender, edamame, and the sugar plant.


Bell Peppers:

I just found out that they are mini bell peppers…

That explains why they are so small!





Cucumber lemon Recipes!

Cucumber lemons are a very unique ingredient! There is nothing else exactly like them. Not a lemon, even though it looks like a giant one. Not a cucumber, because of the slightly acidic taste! They are a perfect addition to a dish because they add a lemony taste, and a brightness to that wasn’t there before. Surprisingly, there is a site full of cucumber lemon recipes, especially since they are so rare!

Cucumber Lemonade:

Since everyone loves lemonade, this would be a perfect recipe! The lemonade was sour, but refreshing;  like no other lemonade I’ve had. For some reason it felt like it should be chewed even thought it was a drink (I’m not sure why). Also, (this might sound funny) it had a twang, and tasted better with time and mint to top it off!



Cucumber Lemon tofu salad:

Tofu, is a vegetarian go-to for protein! So this was a perfect way to incorporate cucumber lemons into a dish! The cucumber lemon is a little more acidic than a normal cucumber, so the salad was very lemony. Also, the recipe called for a lot of dill and olive oil. It was yummy, a “true summer dish”!



All these dishes are super fresh, light, and highlight the cucumber lemon!



The Lavender has FINALLY GROWN A BIT!!!


MINI bell pepper explosion!


Sun burnt edamame 🙁


And cucumber lemon craziness!


Gross sugar plant…

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  1. natalie dente September 9, 2017

    Hi Anna, Summer is almost over but it was a joy to watch your garden grow. Even tho I don’t have a garden of my own I felt I did by reading your gardening adventures. Your advice was also most informative. I hope the rest of your plants bring you the satisfaction you deserve for being so attentive. Keep up the good work. love Grandma N

  2. Aunt Debbie September 16, 2017

    Hi Anna,
    The garden is looking good – thanks for the update! I haven’t seen lemon cucumbers in my neck of the woods. Are there any grocery stores where you think I might find them? I’d love to try the lemonade recipe!
    Aunt D

    • annac9 October 16, 2017 — Post Author

      I don’t think so… I think you may only be able to get them at farmers markets!

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