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Anna’s Adventures in Edibles – Week 5


  • No!


  • Nope (thank goodness :))



EDIBLE!! – Fit to be eaten.



  • Everything’s ALIVE (yay :))
  • I have things I can Harvest!
  • GROWTH!!!



OVERALL STARS – ************* (13 STARS)

DIRTINESS (while gardening)  –  *** (3 stars) = I got moderately dirty when I gave the plants a hair cut (that hopefully didn’t kill them…)

BUDDING  –  ***** (5 stars) = There are a bunch of mini bell peppers, strawberry spinach complete with the “strawberries” from it, mini cucumber lemons, and sugar plant leaves!

GROWTH  –  ***** (5 stars)  = Everything is growing (even the lavender)! The plants are big and bushy, and there are fruit and veggies!



  1. DO: Make sure you know how to cut plants 😐
  2. DON’T: Trust Daphne not to mess with your plants…


What I have been working on:

  • Trimming and giving the plants a hair cut (that hopefully didn’t kill them).
  • Gathering and making salads/toasts with the edibles – FINALLY!


I pruned the cucumber lemon and the strawberry spinach, about 3 days ago. Now here is the before and after!


Cucumber Lemon:

Before (what a mess!). It was strangling the edamame!

What got trimmed off…

The end result! I think I went overboard…



Strawberry Spinach:


This is the after! I got too carried away to take a picture.

OMG… this is 3 days later!!!!




This whole series has been waiting for this! Finally, time to eat the edibles! So, after growing the curious plants – the first thing that came to mind to create was… 


I used everything but the cucumber lemons, lavender, and bell peppers (those are not ready yet!) to make a  “delicious” salad. Everything sounded like it would taste good but I was wrong! It was boring and bland and incomplete. So, I gave up on that, and tried this:


pesto toast!

I wasn’t positive it would taste as good as it was :)! I made normal pesto and added in strawberry spinach, and a FEW sugar plant leaves (because I don’t really like them) and blended it together. Spread it on toasted bread and top with chopped walnuts, the strawberries from the spinach, edamame, and shaved parm! Perfection!! It tastes sooo good… The strawberries and sugar plant give the dish a bit of sweetness while the spinach and edamame keep it savory! If you ever find strawberry spinach lying around, I would make this dish!




Cucumber Lemon almost ready!


Cucumber Lemon Plant



Mini Bell Pepers!




FINALLY!! The Lavender has grown! A tiny bit 😐


Sugar Plant


Please comment what I should make next with these INGREDIENTS. Also, what should I do about the sugar plant? (I don’t really like it)





Anna 🙂  










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  1. annac9 August 1, 2017 — Post Author

    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve been VERY busy and tired lately, so I haven’t been posting that much. But I’m awake and trying to post more today! Edublogs has been being very annoying (that’s part of the delay) so that’s why my post looks a bit weird…

    Hope you enjoy anway!

  2. natalie dente August 1, 2017

    WOW everything looks great Keep up the good work. Your salad and pesto sounds interesting. Do they sell strawberry spinach in the supermarket. I don;t recall seeing it anywhere, Hope you will share your culinary secrets in Avalon. love Grandma N

  3. Aunt Debbie August 1, 2017

    Hi Anna,
    Your garden looks great! The pictures are fantastic and reading about the pesto toast has made me hungry. I’ve also found that “haircuts” help encourage a lot of new growth. I wouldn’t give up on the salad. Maybe just vary some of the ingredients or create a citrus dressing of some kind. I’m game to taste!
    xo Aunt D

  4. Kate August 1, 2017

    I need to try this toast. Can I have the recipe?

  5. Donna August 3, 2017

    After badgering Anna with my comments I was so glad to see the edibles were finally edible! The pesto toast was delicious!!! Pesto -y but different– in a good way 🙂 yummy! I guess it pays to be patient.

  6. Kurt August 7, 2017


    Honestly, I will confess that this made me a little homesick here in Texas. Not a bad thing, really — it just served as a very good reminder of how much I love being at home with you, Marco & mom. And I cannot wait for that on Tuesday.


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