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Anna’s Adventures in Edibles – Week 2

New plants :

  • No

Deaths of plants:

  • Maybe/Almost. The peanut plant is looking kind-of puny…

Today’s Definition:

Dry – free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist:


(IN 4 words or less)
  • 101 degrees last week!
  • Plants almost dying!
  • Watering A LOT!



DIRTINESS (I got) – ** (2 stars) = My hands kept getting muddy from when I was watering.

BUDDING – * (1 star) = Nothing new has budded, but the peanut plant is almost dead 🙁

GROWTH – * (1 STAR)  = Only the cucumber lemon has grown a tiny bit!

Do’s and do not’s:

  1. DONT : Forget to water your plants!
  2. DO: Close the gate to the garden or else the dogs will lay on top of your plants and almost kill them…
  3. DO: Keep the hose near by so you don’t get lazy, or for when your in a rush 😐


My plan of action for the next 2 weeks:

  • Water a lot!
  • Check on my plants at least once a day!
  • If things dry up, water more…
  • If the peanut plant dies find a replacement and water everything even more!
  • Keep doing what I’m doing for the lavender, yellow bell pepper, and the sugar plant (that one is doing really well)!!



Fun facts – Peanut plant:

The peanut plant is supposedly fun and easy to grow. It likes the sun and sandy soil to grow in (our soil is not really sandy, oops). While the peanut pods grow underground, yellow flowers will bloom above ground! Your are supposed to harvest the peanuts (by pulling the whole plant out of the ground) as frost approaches, and let them dry on a vine (I’m not really sure what that means)…

I chose to write about the peanut plant because that is what got the most votes in the comments. Comment down bellow about which plant you want to hear about next!


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  1. natalie dente May 8, 2017

    Hi Anna, poor peanut looks sad, he needs his sandy soil. your lavender plant looks great. that’s the next one on my list to follow. had lavender bushes back in Bardonia when your mom lived there. they were hearty souls. keep up the good work. Grandma Natalie

  2. Marco May 9, 2017

    The pictures are great! I love the humor in these posts. And yeah, I should’ve made Cali sleep somewhere else…

  3. donna May 28, 2017

    Hey there,

    So, what’s the plan to save the Peanut plant? There must be something to try? Don’t let it die !!!!

  4. Kerstin Calia July 6, 2017

    Is that sugar plant a Stevia? It’s not sugar cane- that’s a grass. Grumpy tells me every now and then about your great great grandfather Blunda who came to this country first to New Orleans and cut sugar cane in Louisiana. It was so hard he and his brother went back to Sicily,mand when they emigrated again, they went north to New England.

  5. Aunt Debbie July 6, 2017

    I think you should give the peanut plant another try!
    xo Aunt D

  6. Isabella July 8, 2017

    I really love the jokes you are making! They are quite funny! Can’t wait to hear more about these lovely little plants!

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