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The Tea Study Post #3 – Research and Hypothesis

After  A LOT of research on different kinds of teas, I chose to experiment with Lavender, Camomile, Peppermint, and Lemon Balm herbal tea. Those teas piqued  my interest because there seemed to be some evidence that they actually can have an effect on someone’s emotional/physical state. Also, Lavender, Camomile, Peppermint, and Lemon Balm have desirable effects that everyone would enjoy.

Once I finally decided on the teas, I split them up into 2 categories: Stress relieving tea (peppermint and lemon balm), and tea that causes drowsiness (lavender and camomile). Since I don’t want people to possible feel extra tired in the morning, I had my testers drink those teas at night.


How the tea works:


Lemon Balm tea helps reduce cortisol (a hormone caused by stress) and it makes people feel more relaxed without being drowsy.


Peppermint tea contains Menthol which is a muscle relaxer that helps stave off stress.




Lavender tea:

Inhaling lavender oil has shown to reduce anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness.

The therapeutic compounds within the oil are able to rapidlymake their way to the limbic system (the center of emotions), the amygdala and hippocampus areas of the brain after inhalation.”

Linalool and linalyl acetate are said to, “blunt the central nervous system, resulting in feelings of calm and relaxation.”


Chamomile tea:

In Chamomile flowers there are compounds called flavonoids, that bind to receptors in the brain. Studies show that Chamomile has, “the ability to depress the central nervous system.” And that’s what makes Chamomile tea induce sleep!




When these teas are consumed in a reasonable amount, they will have positive effects on your physical and emotional wellbeing.



If an individual consumes a cup of peppermint or lemon balm tea, they should feel more relaxed 30 minutes after drinking. If an individual consumes a cup of lavender or chamomile tea, they should feel drowsy after 30 minutes.

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  1. Aunt Debbie April 21, 2018

    Hi Anna,
    Wow! I like your research about the effects of different teas. How hard was it to find single ingredient teas? From my tasting experience, I really enjoyed the peppermint tea in the morning and found it had the desired effect. Lavender at night… not so much. I recommend inhaling lavender oil not consuming tea. What did other testers report about the Lemon Balm? I think I’d like to give it a try! Thanks for including me in the study!
    xo Aunt D

  2. Donna April 22, 2018

    Hi Anna. I like your hypothesis because of its practical implications. If one has to drink teas in very large quantities to get the benefits — who has time for that ?? I hope your results show some support for your hypothesis because then we could all be a little better off 😀. Maybe your next study could involve how we might decrease shedding in dogs?

  3. natalie dente April 22, 2018

    Hi Anna, I always thought the peppermint tea was a booster. But rarely drink it because I find it too sweet. I did like the lavender and will probably buy some.. I too would like to try the lemon balm. Your Uncle Max liked it a lot. ps I hope you don’t give up on people because I would like to be in other studies if you pursue them , Love Grandma Natalie

  4. Angelo Otterbein April 23, 2018

    look forward to hearing the results. All i can say is that when i see those pictures, I really want a cup of tea! – UA

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