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The Tea Study Post #4 – How the Research is Structured

Week #1 – baseline data – week of March 19th:

The  participants filled out a form in the morning when they had a 30 minute time span before any activities/work.  They filled out the form at the beginning and again at the end of the 30 minutes. I asked everyone to fill out the forms at or around the same time in the morning and at night. This means they filled out four forms a day for seven days, so that I could determine what was a normal change in mood after 30 minutes for each individual.



Week #2 – morning tea:

By the second week of the study, a box with the tea and a copy of the directions arrived at the tester’s house.  This week, the helpers filled out the survey in the morning. Like the previous week, they filled the survey out when they had 30 minutes in the morning before school or work. Once testers submitted the first survey, they drank the tea labeled “morning tea” and then filled out the form 30 minutes after finishing the tea!



Week #3 – night tea:

During the third and final week of the study,  my helpers tested the night tea and filled out the survey each night after dinner. The same principles were applied like the other weeks.



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  1. Aunt Debbie April 21, 2018

    Hi Anna,
    I didn’t think it would be so hard to fill out a survey and drink a cup of tea around the same time of day, but I failed! Between airplane departure times, competition schedules, and dinners out with friends, I wasn’t waking up or going to sleep around the same time… ever! Your study has given me an appreciation of how difficult it can be to manage scientific research. I’m looking forward to learning what you have discovered! 🙂
    xo Aunt D

  2. Donna April 22, 2018

    Don’t feel badly Aunt Debbie — you were not the only one who struggled. Regardless of the inconsistencies I think the information will be very interesting to read about. And, Anna, I really appreciate how clearly you’ve been able to frame this project. And live the pictures!! Who said science can’t look beautiful??

  3. natalie dente April 22, 2018

    Hi Anna, I enjoyed being in your scientific project.. I did find that mornings were more difficult to stay on track.. That is my most hectic part of the day. Getting up at 6 and trying to get things done around the house before I go to Mass. Some times I decided it was better to have my tea after I got home from Mass. At least then I could rest for 30 minutes or so..Thanks for an interesting three weeks. love Grandma Natalie

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