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A Fence

A Fence.

A boundary,

A limit,

Something that is not meant to be passed.

A divide,

Between the world and you.




It doesn’t matter,

Because if you are determined,

You can always find a way around.



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  1. Kerstin Calia December 30, 2018

    Sometimes– in the law of unintended consequences, they also block other things that were not the intended target, sometimes with deleterious results. Sometimes we don’t know all the consequences of what we do until a while after we do things…

  2. ANGELO OTTERBEIN December 30, 2018

    Very good thoughts Anna. And if it weren’t for our pasture fences, I think our goats might be at your house by now!

    What about invisible fences? very confusing for Tiger and Wyatt… and terrifying for them all at the same time!

  3. natalie dente January 4, 2019

    Hi Anna, Fences can be good or bad Sometimes we need them to keep our pets safe and secure. Bad if they prevent us from reaching our goals . But like you said all fences can be overcome with determination and hard work. A good blog to ponder love Grandma Natalie

  4. Aunt Debbie January 9, 2019

    Hi Anna,
    Awesome job! “Fences” is a beautifully written and thought provoking piece. Great picture choice too. Did you take the photo? Being able to almost see through the slats, but not quite, added to the power of your writing. On a lighter note… I like jumping over the fences!
    xo Aunt Debbie

  5. Donna January 10, 2019

    Hi Anna,

    What a beautiful piece. The photo is incredible — this IS one of yours! And as always, your poetry is both vivid and ephemeral.

    More poetry please!

  6. Donna January 10, 2019


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