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A Poem With Pictures

picture of horses running not in focus


Sometimes if you are too close,

It can be hard to see the full picture.

Sometimes if you are too far away,

It can be hard to be in focus.




the rule of thirds

Sometimes rules make things better,

And other times it doesn’t make a difference.

Cali is centered (no rules)







horses blurred

Sometimes being blurred out tells a greater story,

And other times you could easily get lost in the confusion.





Marco washing dishes in the shadows

Sometimes darkness can make bigger change than light,

But it can also destroy everything.

Sometimes light can be most important thing,

But it can also wash the world out.

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  1. natalie dente December 26, 2018

    Hi Anna What a great blog The pictures are stunning and the captions tell stories that broaden the mind anyone reading this will experience the essence of your heart and soul Great job love Grandma Natalie

  2. ANGELO OTTERBEIN December 27, 2018

    Nice blog Anna! I really like the picture of Marco with the sunlit shapes.

  3. Donna January 10, 2019


    Your photos are stunning. The thing I love most about your poetry is how universal your ideas are, yet they are so personal to the reader. Lovely.

  4. Aunt Debbie January 14, 2019

    Hi Anna,
    This is my favorite blog yet! The thoughtfulness of both the photos and poetry draw the viewer in providing an opportunity for them to see beyond the ordinary. Thanks! I’m definitely going to take time and pay better attention to the busy world around me.
    xo Aunt D

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