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So far in my life, I’ve been to many amazing places with pretty views. But despite all the cool places I’ve been, my favorite view is the one out my car window as I drive up to our the barn where my horse lives. I anticipate the end of the road where I can hop out of the car with apples and carrots to give to my horse Oliver.

Along the dusty dirt road dotted with occasional potholes, I see horses in their field with a dusty brown fence making sure they don’t escape. The fence was once painted white, but overtime paint has chipped off leaving the fence exposed to the hot summers and rainy winters of California. As I continue along road, I hear the birds chirping as they fly over the small apple trees as I drive by. I pass the big compost pile which is taller than a one story house. And the road keeps going. Finally, I see the old trucks and trailers that were once in use parked by the side of the road, and the wash stalls that I give baths to my horse in. A few more seconds and I’m finally there!

As I walk down the aisles I see Oliver. When I get closer, he nickers and bobs his head up and down waiting for the treats. And I say hello to my favorite horse in the whole entire world!

 That is one of  my favorite views because I get to see Oliver and his happiness my favorite thing to see!

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  1. natalie dente January 4, 2019

    Hi Anna, Nothing can be more precious than a mutual love whether it is between two people or a person and a beloved pet Love is a gift we all need to give and to receive.Without it this world would be very sad indeed. love Grandma Natalie

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