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On March 18th, 1990 at 1:24 a.m, two “policemen” ordered to be buzzed inside the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. But those men weren’t policemen at all. Once inside the museum, they  handcuffed the guards. The thieves robbed the museum’s galleries, and left in a car waiting outside to disappear.


Later on, guards discovered Rembrandt’s “Storm on the Sea of Galilee,” Vermeer’s “The Concert,” Manet’s “Chez Tortoni,” and five pieces by Edgar Degas were gone, plus 5 other works.

The estimated value of the stolen art is more than $600 million dollars. And yet 28 years later the mystery of the lost paintings is still unsolved.

No one could ever sell the art because it’s too recognizable for it to go unnoticed. And the FBI are still on the hunt for it today.

If you have any real hints/facts about where the art might be hidden, you could gain 5 million dollars.

In my book club, we recently read Chasing Vermeer,  a fictional book about an art heist and the crazy coincidences that two kids stumble across on their quest to solve the crime. Chasing Vermeer is a mystery book where things that seem connected actually aren’t, and ideas that seem impossible are in fact true. After reading that book, I started reading more art mysteries.

If you ever stole famous art, where would you hide it? Also, what art piece would you steal? Comment your answer down below!



To look at more of the paintings that were stolen click here!

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  1. Kurt April 1, 2018


    Nice piece. First, I wouldn’t ever steal art — depriving others of the joy of experiencing it would negate any pleasure I would get out of having the art to myself, as tempting though it might be. Moreover, I would imagine that any artist would recoil at the notion of someone committing a violent act over his or her work.

    Having said that, if I had to choose something to take, I would probably be tempted by a piece of Chagall stained glass, although I wouldn’t be able to hide it because natural light is key and so it would need to be near a window or skylight. There was a large piece at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC that I had my eye on — probably a bit too large to smuggle out under my jacket.

    — Dad

  2. natalie dente April 1, 2018

    Hi Anna a piece of art I would like to steal (have) but couldn’t take because it is too immense ,is Michealangelo’s Sistine Chapel”s Ceiling . God’s reaching out to Adam and all the other Biblical portrayals are magnificent. When we were in Rome Joey and I sat for at least an hour marveling at it. Could never hide that.. love Grandma Natalie

  3. Angelo Otterbein April 2, 2018

    The only art i would steal would be from the burglars who took it in the first place! I like museums and am glad there’s a home for all the best art. nice blog post!

  4. donna April 2, 2018

    Hi Anna,

    I think I might steal something of Georgia O’keeffe’s. Her artwork really speaks to all the senses. And she’s allowed us to experience glimpses of some of the most beautiful aspects of the natural world. Very lovely.

    That said, I hope the stolen artwork is found and rehung in a museum. It makes me sad to think they might be not be taken care of.

  5. Aunt Debbie April 5, 2018

    Hi Anna,
    That’s some question! There are so many wonderful works all around the world. My solution would be to camp out overnight in different museums so I could enjoy them all. I’m not into the big crowds so this plan would solve that problem too. Of course, I’d have to pay off some museum staffers, but that might be easier than breaking into the joints. During the day I could explore amazing places. I might have to rob a bank to get enough cash though. Wanna come with?
    xo Aunt D

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