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Halloween Pictures!

This Halloween, my Aunt and Uncle came to California to visit! It’s been a tradition for a few years now, and usually my Aunt, Marco, and I create a group costume together. This year, we were Minions and my Uncle was Gru from Despicable ME. I had lots of fun being a Minion, and most of all, spending time with  Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mark!

During that weekend and Halloween, I took a bunch of pictures and portraits of us hanging out – and I decided to share them with all of you!

♥ Anna C 

Aunt Debbie and Daphne trying to take a cute Halloween picture! But, I don’t think Daphne understands what posing is 😉


Gru waving to his Minions!


Waiting to go to a delicious dinner…


Dad and Uncle Mark enjoying their wine!


Say cheese!






Why hello Gru!

The minions:

Stewart discussing plans and bananas


Dave staring longingly at the trampoline







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  1. Uncle Angelo November 12, 2017

    Great costumes!

  2. Debbie November 13, 2017

    Hi Anna,
    Uncle Mark and I had a great time too! Your neighborhood sure knows how to host a terrific Halloween extravaganza!! The portrait pictures you shared are super. I appreciate the artistic way you catch people in their natural environment. It really shows your creative talent. I’m looking forward to your next post.
    xo Aunt D

  3. Lauren Calia November 13, 2017

    Great photos. I love the group costumes!

  4. natalie dente November 14, 2017

    Hi Anna, I guess it is obvious that you come from a goofy family. I loved all the pictures . It shows how lucky we all are to have a family that can share so many laughs and thoughtful moments. You caught the essence of what family is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us.. love Grandma N

  5. donna November 14, 2017

    Hi Anna,

    Love the pics. Maybe next year we can all dress up (including me, dad and the dogs!) and take a Halloween Portrait. Maybe Grandma and Grandpa too?

  6. Kurt November 26, 2017

    Lots of Uncle Mark here!! Awesome, as he is sometimes under-represented in the family photos (the elusive Untle Mart).

    Very good pictures, and it was great having family for Halloween and the birthday of a great American.

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