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Kenya bans plastic bags! Can we?

Are you willing to sacrifice convenience to help the environment and save an animal’s life? I would! But, the people in Kenya have no choice.  Recently, a law was put in place that bans the making, selling, or importing of single-use plastic bags. Beginning on August 28, and from now on, if Kenyans make, sell, or import plastic bags in Kenya, they will have to pay around 19,000 dollars or spend up to 4 years in jail!


Even though the consequences are super severe, I think the US should follow Kenya’s lead in banning single-use plastic bags in order to save animals’ lives and help the health of the environment. Many innocent animals are harmed by eating, choking, or getting caught in the plastic. And to top it off, plastic bags are polluting the ocean and environment.


Although 40 other countries are putting regulations on the use of plastic bags,  Kenya is doing the most to prevent people from making and importing them. They even force visitors to  leave their plastic bags at the airport if they’re traveling through.

 Plastic bags are a part of Kenyans’ lives. Shoppers are thought to have used up to 100 million plastic bags a year! People are now using cloth, paper, and sisal bags for produce and other goods instead of plastic bags.


Even if the US doesn’t ban plastic bags (and probably never will) that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be trying our best to stop harming the environment!  Next time you go to the grocery store, bring cloth bags for produce and reusable ones for everyday shopping.


What inconveniences have you dealt with to help the environment? Post your idea in the comments below!


This  piece represents the millions of plastic bags that people use all over the world

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  1. natalie dente September 19, 2017

    Hi Anna, a good notice to all shoppers.. Both Grandpa and I use our own bags when we go shopping. We also use paper bags over and over again until they fall apart, (We know paper bags also hurt the environment because of the loss of trees but we try,) I would also hope that some supermarkets would give out reusable bags once in a while .It would be a good promotion for their store. Although I agree with Kenya’s intent I feel that it is too strict. There are a lot of poor people there who may not be aware of so strict a law. love Grandma N

  2. donna September 21, 2017

    Hi Anna,

    As you know, the use of plastic is an obsession of mine. And while we do try our best, I think businesses need to do more. We are left almost no choice but to buy certain things in plastic. Limiting or doing away with single use plastic bags seems like a doable place to start though. The cloth bags I got on Amazon are great and people always comment about them at the cash register. Unfortunately though, they were shipped to me in a plastic bag. Agh!!!!!!

  3. Debbie October 11, 2017

    Hi Anna. Thank you for another great post. I remember when plastic bags first came onto the scene. They were supposed to be the answer to paper bag use and save the environment. Interesting how no one explored the hazards and detrimental effects that plastic bags really have on the environment and animal life. Like your family, I also bring reusable bags when I’m shopping and I’m glad to report I see many people doing the same. 🙂 Let’s continue to spread the word!
    xo Aunt D

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