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Tea Time – Boba With Bree!

Tea Time



(7.75 Boba)

CA summer has been hot!

Today,the hottest its reached (so far) is 100°.

This peach milk tea boba brings the summer inside! You experience the peaches as the bright beaming sun, the milk like long hours flowing by, the boba acts like the flares of  excitement (the little things, that makes the day more interesting), and the ice unmelted, in the cup is similar to the cooling breeze.



Is VERY important to keep your tea cold, while not being watery. At most Boba Tea places, they give you options of how much ice you want. Always choose normal/regular (around 100% or 75% depending on the place) because it will keep your drink cold but not too watery. If you get more ice than necessary, then the tea will end up freezing and watery! If you get too little ice, the Boba Tea will be hot, unappetizing, and like a pool of water.


My rating= •••·⋅ 

(around 3.75 boba)

Almost as perfect as pop tea bar, but  i really liked every teaspoon of it!


Bree’s Rating= ••••

(4 boba)

I loved it because it was food, and the name “Teaspoon” fits me! I’m a teaspoon because I’m Little and daphne is a tablespoon because she’s big!


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  1. natalie dente July 20, 2017

    Hi Anna. I guess that’s another vote for BoBa tea. Guess I will have to try it. I hope they have something with a peach flavor. love Grandma N

  2. Angelo Otterbein July 23, 2017

    Do they make a Boba Fett? Because that would add at least 2 points in my view. A good Boba Fett, as you know, is tea with uncertain origins, ambitious in flavor, but just missing the force. They’re always reliable. And deliSH.

  3. Donna July 26, 2017

    LOVE your description of the Boba experience. My drink from Teaspoon WAS like summer in a cup!! Grapefruit Green Tea with Boba — so refreshing. Teaspoon is my number two Boba place — I loved it but I’m not sure anything can beat Pop Tea

  4. Aunt Debbie July 26, 2017

    Hi Anna,
    You make the Boba experience sound intriguing! I need it find somewhere near me to try it out! Are there other combinations you recommend?
    Aunt D

    • annac9 July 27, 2017 — Post Author

      Peach Green Tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, Mango Milk Green Tea, AND ALWAYS GET HONEY BOBA (those are just a few)!

  5. nico July 27, 2017

    I heart Bree and Little Man! I like the part where they ate the tea.

  6. Isabella July 27, 2017

    Yummy! Looks like Bree likes it! I didn’t know that Boba had a specific amount of ice, huh, who knew! Keep it up with the descriptions of the tea, they sound AMAZING!

  7. natalie dente July 30, 2017

    Hi Anna, will pass by BOBA Land today Will try to get grandpa to stop, It’s on the way to the store we are shopping at today. I’ll let you know how iy goes. love Grandma N

  8. natalie dente July 30, 2017

    No BOBA today grandpa went the back way to the store. will have to try another day. Grandma N

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