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Anna’s Adventure in Edibles – Week 4 (RIP Peanut)


  • Yes! I have two new edamame plants!


  • Yes 🙁 The squirrels dug up the peanut plant… No it’s gone. #RIPpeanut:(


Upgraded –  To raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve by adding or replacing components.



  • Plants moved to better spots… (Hopefully they didn’t die in the process 😐 )
  • New plants were added!
  •  The Peanut is not struggling anymore. 🙁



DIRTINESS (I got)  –  **** (4 stars) = I got dirty when I planted, dug up, and changed the places of the plants.

BUDDING  –  ** (2 1/2 stars) = The yellow bell pepper has lost it’s flowers, but the cumber melon has a bunch hidden inside the tangle of leaves! 🙂

GROWTH  –  **** (4 stars)  = Everything is growing (except for the lavender)! The plants are big and bushy, but no fruit and veggies yet.


  1. DO: Cover and protect your plants for the squirrels ASAP!!
  2. DON’T: Trust the squirrels to not to eat your plants…
  3. DO: Get whatever your plant needs (like; more soil, a lot of water, and space for your plant to grow)!


  • Put up netting to keep the squirrels away!
  • Check on my plants a lot (but that doesn’t mean water them everyday)!
  • Make SURE  my plants have everything they need to live!


FUN FACTS – Sugar plant:

The sugar plant supposedly has leaves that are sweeter than sugar, and white little flowers that bloom till the end of summer. My sugar plant is still young, but the leaves were sweet (maybe not as much as sugar) and had a little bitter after taste. The leaves are said to taste good in a fruit salad (which I could see), and bread (which sounds kind of gross)!

I chose to write about the sugar plant because that is what got the most votes (well there was only one) in the comments. Comment down below about which plant you want to hear about next!

P.S. I only got one comment last time requesting a plant! I would love to hear more from you all, so please comment down below!


Anna 🙂


















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  1. natalie dente June 26, 2017

    hi anna, sorry that the peanut plant did not survive ,that’s what happens sometimes. plants can be fickle. glad everything else is doing well. i am sure you will have fruit soon. keep up the good work, love grandma natalie

  2. Kurt June 28, 2017

    I cannot believe the squirrels at the peanuts!! (Oh wait, yes I can.) DANG! I was looking forward to those.

    Should we try again?


    • annac9 July 27, 2017 — Post Author

      I couldn’t find it again in the plant store 🙁

  3. Marco June 28, 2017

    Poor peanut! I think the netting would be a good idea. I can’t wait to make some lavender lemonade!! 🙂


  4. Kate June 30, 2017

    Had no idea there was something that could be sweeter than sugar!!!!!

  5. Kate June 30, 2017

    I’ll help you plan a funeral for Mr.. Peanut.

  6. donna July 3, 2017

    RIP mr. Peanut. When are we going to get to eat some of this stuff?

  7. Isabella July 6, 2017

    Poor Peanut!


  8. Aunt Debbie July 6, 2017

    Sad to hear about the peanut. Rotten nasty squirrels! Get that netting up asap before the scoundrels steal ALL your veggies too. Can’t your “hunting” dogs keep them away?
    xo Aunt D

    • donna July 10, 2017

      Lucky squirrels! At least they get to eat some of this stuff. We only get to see it in pictures. Maybe MY prize for winning the blog challenge will be a nice fresh basket from the garden.

    • annac9 July 27, 2017 — Post Author

      No… I think the dogs are in-cahoots with the squirrels’ plan to my veggies!

  9. Emilio July 7, 2017

    I love vegetables!!!

  10. Aunt Lauren July 8, 2017

    I say try again on peanuts, adding a cage to protect it. We have to do that for many plants to protect them from deer nibbling them.

  11. donna July 10, 2017

    When will you begin to harvest some of these edibles? Aren’t we supposed to eat them?

  12. Aunt Debbie July 27, 2017

    Anna may not be harvesting, but I picked eggplant last week. Uncle Max cooked it on the grill – a little bit of olive oil and S&P… delish!!!!
    xo Aunt D

  13. Aunt Debbie July 27, 2017

    p.s. you should post a picture of your giant zucchini. They are crazy!!

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