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Tino + Vaulting Competition!

Tino (the horse that I vault on) is handsome, but his mood is undependable. Sometimes he has a perfect trot (trotting is like jogging) bending his neck in a beautiful arch with his mane sticking straight up, and the darkness of his hair complementing the white of the pad and handles. But sometimes, he can be very opinionated. If he doesn’t feel like going forward, he’ll ignore the lunger as long as possible, then when he has to go he’ll buck, hop, or rear (a little bit).

Luckily, at the competition Tino was perfect! He pranced along as we held move after move, mounted and un-mounted. Between team, individuals, and tiny tots (vaulting for little kids), Tino kept his good mood going through the heat, and the long waits.

I was proud of him :)!

Here is a video of my individual freestyle – hope you enjoy!

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  1. natalie dente June 3, 2017

    always love your vaulting videos love Grandma Natalie

  2. donna June 5, 2017

    Hi Anna,

    I think I’ve watched this video 1000 times. It’s mesmerizing. I like your description of Tino also. He is SO handsome and I appreciate that he has a mind of his own. It’s a good reminder that we need to consider the hearts and minds of our horse partners 🙂

  3. Marco June 5, 2017

    Great job, Anna! You have grown so much, so quickly as a vaulter since you started in Spring 2016. Great song choice! 🙂

  4. Debbie June 8, 2017

    Hi Anna,
    WOW!! Great job!! Your graceful (and difficult) routine flowed beautifully. I’m especially glad that Tino cooperated in the partnership. You know I can relate to horses that like to “voice” their opinions. Haha!! Question – How do you train and practice?
    xo Aunt D

  5. Isabella July 6, 2017

    Vaulting looks very cool! But maybe a little bit scary! I really enjoyed meeting Tino when I visited! He was a very sweet horse! Keep vaulting!!


  6. Uncle Angelo July 8, 2017

    that’s terrifying to watch! i’m amazed Anna. Maybe you’re secretly a ranger too!

  7. donna July 10, 2017

    I hope you’ll post something from the regional competition coming up in a couple of weeks. I think everyone will love seeing some of the new moves you’ve added. Your routine just keeps getting better and better

  8. Kate July 17, 2017

    Would definitely take you up on some vaulting lessons!

  9. Marco August 10, 2017

    Could you do a Grass Valley post? That was really fun to watch. I think it would be a good way to show your growth in vaulting. 🙂

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