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Spring is finally here! The other day, Mom, my friend Lillian, and I made felt flowers for the dogs’ collars and Oliver’s brow band (the brow band is the part of the bridle that goes across their forehead). We had LOTS of fun doing it (despite various hot glue incidents and terrible scissors)!  Afterward, we tried to take pictures of the dogs with their flowers, but they aren’t very good at sitting still. We can’t stop making them so, don’t be surprised if you find felt flowers in the near future! Here are the pictures we took of the animals and their spring time flowers:


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  1. natalie dente April 20, 2017

    Hi Anna, everyone looks so festive. I might make a felt flower band for myself. love Grandma Natalie

  2. Donna April 23, 2017

    Hi Anna. Too cute. And so much fun to make. We should let everyone know that the flowers are machine washable. (As even pretty dogs sometimes roll in horse pee). Can’t wait to make more 🙂

  3. Isabella April 24, 2017

    Those are soooo cool Anna!
    Can you show me how to make them sometime?
    I love the one on Oliver’s band!
    I am going to fix Tiger and Wyatts so that they can wear them.

  4. Marco April 24, 2017

    Great photos, especially of the dogs! Ollie looks so good, great job making these. You could have a real business of making these!

  5. Kathryn April 26, 2017

    I agree with Marco, these are amazing portraits, Anna! It’s no easy task to photograph animals, but you make it look like a breeze. Everyone looks great with their felt flowers, and your color choices are spot on with their fur (or hair, as the case may be)! 😀

  6. Kurt April 30, 2017

    You should make them holiday themed (red, white & blue for July 4; green and red for Dec. 25, etc.). I love it.

  7. Aunt Debbie July 6, 2017

    Hi Anna,
    Love the flowers and all the pictures too. The dogs are perfect models and Ollie… so adorable!! Maybe we could sell them to raise money for Pawfect Endings. Just a thought!
    xo Aunt D

  8. Isabella July 8, 2017

    I really love the captions on those pictures!

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