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The Beauty Of Webb Ranch : All You Have To Do Is Look Up

Webb Ranch is the stable where my family and I keep Oliver. We’ve been riding and taking lessons there since we moved to California (that was about 7 years ago). To me, Webb Ranch is like a second home. I know almost all of the lesson program horses (there are 100 or more), I know the names of almost all the instructors, and I know where the deer, hawks, and turkeys like to lurk.


The Summer:

In the summer,

Webb ranch is like a dust storm,

sweeping you up in its mitts,

twirling and swirling you around,

and spitting you out,

into the blazing sun,

But if you look up,

you’ll see the beauty of the summer,

the crazy trees,

the corn stalks,

the snorts of horses,

 and the deer,

the branches are full of squawking birds,

the golden husks sway in the hot breeze,

the soft nose of a friend touches your heart,

and the sight of a brown and white spotted baby,

is the beauty of a Webb Ranch summer.


The Fall:

In the fall,

Webb ranch is like a break in the action,

there are lots of horse shows,

so no one’s really there,

but sometimes,

everyone’s here, there, and everywhere,

like swirling leaves,

of horses and their riders,

in and out,

up and down,

But if you look up,

you’ll see the beauty of the fall,

the turkeys,

making gobbling noises,

and scaring the horses,

the polo field,

with its jumps,

and long stretches of grass,

the apple trees,

teasing you through closed gates,

as ripe as can be,

That is the beauty of Webb Ranch in the fall.


The Winter:

In the winter,

Webb Ranch is like a mud puddle,




absorbing you like a sponge,

But if you look up,

you’ll see the beauty of the winter,

circling, swooping,


flying through the sky,

rising, hiding, and bright,

The Sun,

always painting the perfect picture,

clean and fresh,


of the horses’ new blankets,

That is the beauty of Webb Ranch in the winter.


The Spring:

In the spring,

Webb Ranch is like the swaying grass,



full of life,

But if you look up,

you’ll find more beauty of the spring,

the green grass,

as green as can be,

the blue sky,

as bright as can be,

the clean horses,

smelling of everything nice,

That is the beauty of Webb Ranch in the spring.


I love Webb Ranch. Sometimes, the mud, the dust, and lots of people overwhelm you. But, if you look up or on the bright side of things, you can always find beauty (in almost anything).  And I never want to stop going to Webb Ranch, because of the memories and the beauty of the place!


The sunset along the road

A hawk watching

The mountains

The turkeys looking for leftover grains

He has his eye on the prize

Looking for dinner

Walking around on Oliver for the first time!

One of my first lessons

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  1. donna January 19, 2017

    Hi Anna,

    First, you’re growing up so fast! Where did that little munchkin go? Actually, she’s grown into a beautiful writer. I was out at the ranch today in the wind, rain, and cold. It could have been a demoralizing two hours in the muck, but then I remembered your poem. I looked up and saw it through your eyes 🙂 I’m almost looking forward to my next rainy day out there.

  2. natalie dente January 19, 2017

    Hi Anna , What a beautiful commentary on life. It could be applied to all situations everywhere. If people would only take the time to look up or around the beauty would seep through, We all would be more at peace and so much happier, Thanks for sharing. love ,Grandma Natalie

  3. Max January 21, 2017

    Hi Anna,
    Totally awesome poem and pictures. I completely agree with grandmom. Picture of your Dad had me cracking up. I had to look twice at the picture of you thought it was Julia for a minute. She loved her time there to. Can not wait to go back and have you lead her around.
    Uncle Max
    Ps. No point of looking down when you can always look up. 🙂

  4. Debbie January 21, 2017

    Hey Anna,
    You truly capture the essence of Webb Ranch in your poem. It clearly paints a picture of every season in my mind’s eye. During my next visit can we take a trail ride together? I’d especially like to see the hawks.
    xo Debbie
    p.s. I can’t believe how little you were taking your first lesson!

    • annac9 January 24, 2017 — Post Author

      I would love to take a trail ride with you next time you come visit!

  5. max dente January 22, 2017

    HI ANNA, looking at these pictures remind me of your mommy and aunt debbie. the many mornings i would drive and leave them off at the barn to take care of gilly their pony, it would be cold and windy or rainy or snowy but they would get there, i knew that this would make them happy ,it was well worth it, it was a labor of love and giving, have many of the same memories at webb ranch love grandpa joey whale.

  6. Angelo Otterbein January 22, 2017

    Great poem! i love your metaphors, such as “everyone’s here, there, and everywhere, like swirling leaves,” and “Webb Ranch is like a mud puddle, squishy, sticky, smelly, absorbing you like a sponge” — these really help capture what it’s like to be there. Nice job Anna!

  7. Marco January 25, 2017

    Great poem! I love how it really does remind me of Webb Ranch in each of the seasons you described. At first, I thought you wrote “the snouts of horses”, but snorts are good, too. 😁

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