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Jingle Bells By MASK

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  1. Donna January 3, 2017

    Hi Anna,

    I would love to hear more from MASK. Who knew flutes, guitar, and trumpet would work? But it does! Also, can you tell us a little more about the band?


  2. Kurt Calia January 3, 2017


    I am truly impressed – both the writing and photography are crisp, creative, and interesting. I am so proud that my daughter aims for the moon. Keep it up!


  3. Debbie January 13, 2017

    Are you guys looking for additional group members? I know a talented singer who would be great! Let me know and I’ll help you connect – no finders fee!
    Much love, D

  4. Kate June 30, 2017

    Can’t wait to make more MASK music!!!

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