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Pawfect Ending News Brief #1


This is a transcript of Pawfect Endings News Brief. It should be like the recording, but some parts may be said in different order.

– Thanks, Anna C!

This is a Pawfect Endings weekly news brief with Anna C! Pawfect Endings Animal Rescue creates community partnerships to end pet homelessness.  We are just starting Pawfect Endings, so my mom and I are trying to find out what animals are in the most need to be rescued.

To find this out, we went to the Humane Society Silicon Valley to ask them questions about the need in their community. We asked them What breeds of dogs are in the most need to be rescued? We asked if they see a trend with dogs with medical disabilities that need to be rescued? and finally, Do all the dogs that come here stay here until they’re adopted?

They said the same thing that all the other rescues and shelters have said about how Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas are in the most need of finding good homes. In response to the last question, Do all the dogs that come here stay here until they’re adopted? Humane Society Silicon Valley said “Yes.”

Before we went to the shelter my mom and I found out some frustrating news. The Peninsula Humane Society does put down animals. That info was hard to find… 

My mom had to click on a ton of different pages and then scroll through a 12 page doc to find that news.

So, after we went to the shelter we looked up Humane Society Silicon Valley to find out if they were being transparent about being totally HUMANE!!! We were right to be suspicious! On their website they have an info graphic that says their save rate is 91%. So, what happens to the other 9%?

This makes me feel frustrated and disappointed. Its frustrating because Humane Society Silicon Valley should just be honest about everything they’re doing. If their save rate is 91% is their kill rate 9%? It is disappointing because  Humane Society Silicon Valley is not being transparent about what happens to the 9% of animals.

Pawfect Endings is committed to creating community partnerships to end pet homelessness. We are also committed to finding humane ways to rescue dogs.

Thanks for listening to a Pawfect Endings News Brief! This is Anna C signing out!

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  1. Donna January 3, 2017

    Hi Anna,
    I think your news brief highlights some very important issues. One, that the very places we rely on to help those animals most in need, aren’t helping them all. And two, that these same places aren’t very willing to show us where they fall short. Knowing most shelters do, in fact, euthanize animals, makes me realize there is more work to be done than I imagined.

  2. natalie dente January 4, 2017

    Hi Anna, This is from Grandma Natalie, I love your interest in helping and even more so your saving homeless animals. Fostering all those dogs in the past few years proves that you are truly dedicated to this saving mission. Keep up the good work. Love Grandma N

  3. Frances January 5, 2017

    Hi Anna
    This is Great Aunt Franny. I am happy to say that here in Harrisburg we have a no-kill shelter. I have adopted two wonderful dogs, Franci and Brandy. Brandy has since gone to doggie heaven; but Franci is my steady friend and companion. I also have a rescued kitty named Sassy. Pets add so much love. I wish you success in your rescue mission. Love, Great Aunt Franny

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